About Us

Haiti Tresors is a handmade products store showcasing art and craft from many art workshops of Haiti. A large array of handicrafts from different regions of the country is available through us.

To please your loved ones or for your own use, Haiti Tresors offers you a wide selection of handmade creations at affordable prices for home decor, kitchen and dining room, office, and of course jewelry and fashion accessories. Keep our store in Favorite in your device settings so you can discover our new arrivals and know about our specials regularly.

Haiti Tresors, a true example of collaboration and solidarity!

Why arts & crafts?

Like its history, culture, music and gastronomy, art and craft is one of Haiti’s undeniable wealth.

The craft industry in Haiti is characterized by a wide range of original and utilitarian creations, handmade using mostly traditional and sometimes modern techniques. Our treasures are designed and made with patience and love of art itself by artisans who put their inspiration, time and know-how in their work.

Their success is the motivation of our mission.

At Haiti Tresors we believe that the creativity of our artists and artisans deserves to be valued and made accessible. Thus this sector will become stronger, will increase the creation of sustainable jobs and help boost the economy of our country.

Our Goals

  • Promote local production
  • Highlight Haitian perseverance, determination, pride and beauty
  • Empower local designers, artisans and entrepreneurs of this sector
  • Find original works that are eye-catching, useful and last a long time!
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